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D&D Business Support Center, is seeking to fill six (6) open vacancy positions, by promoting a challenging working environment as well as career advancement opportunities.

Open positions
⦁    Project Manager (1position)
⦁    Project Officer (1 position)
⦁    Business Consultant (1 position)
⦁    Paid Internship (3 positions)

Position 1. Project Manager

Duties and Responsibilities
The overall purpose of this position is managing multiple projects, resources, ongoing
interaction with a range of internal and external stakeholders, while ensuring quality of
services and exceeding expectations. The Project manager’s inputs will have a direct
impact on the successful project implementation and the achievement of results.
Specifically, the inputs will have an impact on the efficient delivery of activities,
monitoring, and coordination and results reporting.
Under the direct supervision of the Executive Director, the Project Manager’s will execute duties and responsibilities outlined below:

⦁    Leading project planning sessions;
⦁    Managing project progress and adapting work as required and ensuring projects meet deadlines;
⦁    Managing relationships with clients and stakeholders;
⦁    Overseeing all incoming and outgoing project documentation;
⦁    Writing project proposals and financial proposals;
⦁    Conducting project review and creating detailed reports;
⦁    Optimizing and improving processes and the overall approach where necessary;
⦁    Research for growth opportunities and initiating new projects;
⦁    Carry out research and data collection to understand the organization, conduct analysis;
⦁    Run focus groups and facilitate workshops and prepare business proposals and presentations;
⦁    Writing project progress reports and final project implementation reports;
⦁    Present findings and recommendations to clients;
⦁    Communication with partner organizations and stakeholders.

⦁    Master’s degree in economy, Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, or related field. 

3+ years’ experience in the consulting field, business administration or project management.

Language requirements:    
Fluency in both oral and written English and Albanian. Knowledge of Serbian is will be considered as an asset.

Other qualifications and skills:
⦁    Ability to multi-task and manage various project elements simultaneously;
⦁    Leadership skills;
⦁    A firm grasp of current market trends;
⦁    Strong written and verbal communication skills;
⦁    A drive to work autonomously while still achieving goals;
⦁    Ability to work as part of a team;
⦁    Creativity and innovation;
⦁    Problem-solving and strategic planning ability;
⦁    Flexibility;
⦁    Ability to cope with pressure and challenges;
⦁    Commercial awareness and understanding of business environments;
⦁    Capacity to manage situations with high stress level;
⦁    Excellent analytical skills;
⦁    Ability to multi-task and manage various project elements simultaneously;
⦁    Able to pay attention to details;
⦁    A valid driver's license (Category B).

Position 2. Officer Project

Duties and Responsibilities
⦁    Participates directly in providing client customer consulting services;
⦁    Coordination of activities during project implementation and monitors the implementation of projects;
⦁    Compiles periodic reports on progress and performance in project implementation;
⦁    Drafting of administrative documents, reports and proposals/bids;
⦁    Management of customer portfolios of the organization and create/maintain database for the clients of the organization;
⦁    Other tasks related to daily office activities.

⦁    University degree in economics, business administration (or similar) Master level desired;

⦁    Knowledge and skills in managing and coordinating activities during project implementation;

Language requirements:    
⦁    Fluency in both oral and written English and Albanian. 

Other qualifications and skills:
⦁    Demonstrated proficiency in proposal writing for funding: preparation and submission of tenders;
⦁    Deep understanding of the non-governmental development world;
⦁    Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written;
⦁    Strong collaborative skills with a cross-functional team orientation;
⦁    Fast-learner, can work quickly, accurately and meet tight deadlines;
⦁    Able to build and maintain effective internal and external relationships;
⦁    Able to cope with changing priorities, often at short notice, and work well under pressure;
⦁    Proactive, positive and solutions-based and resilience;
⦁    Results oriented, with little supervision;
⦁    A valid driver's license (Category B).

Position 3. Business Consultant Position: 

Duties and Responsibilities
⦁    Directly engages in the project managing and coordination implemented by the organization;
⦁    Establishes good relationships with clients and partners (private businesses, donors, public institutions, and other organizations);
⦁    Analyses the client’s situation, researches the client’s business, and develops Business Plans for the clients;
⦁    Offers individual high level guidelines for entrepreneurs, business owners, and business managers (clients);
⦁    Develops specific and relevant expertise in the field of business development.
⦁    Engages effectively in marketing and promotion of the organization to the targeted clients and partners.

⦁    University degree in economics, business administration (or similar) Master level desired;

⦁    Experience in the field of business consultancy, such as finance, accounting, marketing, business 
management, and project management or similar;
⦁    Experience in the management, coordination and implementation of projects with focus on the economy and business field, respectively in the provision of consultancy services;
⦁    Experience and skills in writing and compilation of project proposals;

Language requirements:    
⦁    Fluency in both oral and written English and Albanian. 

Other qualifications and skills:
⦁    High level of reporting and presenting;
⦁    Knowledge and experience in developing business plans;
⦁    Analytical communication skills;
⦁    Innovative and creative in generating new opportunity activities for the enterprise;
⦁    Cooperation skills in team working and team building;
⦁    Ability to compile papers, reports, proposals, bids and similar documents;
⦁    A valid driver's license (Category B)

Position 4. Paid Internship 

Duties and Responsibilities:

⦁    Managing portfolios of the clients of the company;
⦁    Data entry; Developing and maintaining databases;
⦁    Assist in coordination of activities during the implementation of projects;
⦁    Communication with clients and partners of the company;
⦁    Assists in maintaining and updating information and materials of projects;
⦁    Assists experts-consultants of the company in offering services for the clients;
⦁    Assists in compiling administrative documents for clients and partners of the company;

⦁    Recent graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Business, Economics, Business- Management/ Administration or similar field of study;

Other qualifications and skills:
⦁    A valid driver's license (Category B) is preferred;
⦁    Good command of Microsoft Office;
⦁    Knowledge of the English language is preferred; Knowledge of an additional language is an added value;
⦁    Be a team player and have the ability to collaborate in a group;
⦁    Show good communication skills;
⦁    Be flexible and adaptable and show willingness to learn and adapt;
⦁    Good planning and organizing skills;


How to apply?

Interested candidates can apply by sending a CV and a Motivation Letter, via e-mail address:, specifying in the subject the job position which they apply.
Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview, phone calls are not accepted. 
Deadline for application: April 22, 2022, 17:00h


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