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D&D Business Support Center

D&D Business Support Center is a consulting company, founded in 2008, which offers a wide range of consulting services. Thanks to the hard work of its professional team, as well as the values offered in the local market, D&D for these years has built long-term cooperation partnerships with various public institutions, non-governmental organizations, international institutions, donors, foreign companies, investors, as well as numerous partners from the private sector in the Republic of Kosovo.

Moreover, over 7,000 beneficiaries have benefited from D&D professional services during this period, such as: small and medium enterprises in the country, start-up businesses, jobseekers, women entrepreneurs and other marginalized groups .

In the macroeconomic field, D&D has contributed to the drafting of many strategic documents, various researches of interest for policy development in the country, both at the local and central level, capacity building of public institutions and various professional services.

All these achievements, and our positioning in the market, is addressed primarily to teamwork, consisting of more than 40 consultants, respectively experts with high academic training, as well as with long experience and proven achievement of results and providing value to customers.


To be the most trusted and respected company for professional services, recognized by our customers for delivering excellence.


To serve our customers, providing them with the highest quality professional services, addressing their business issues. By attracting, recruiting and retaining the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally.


The purpose of establishing D&D is to help clients of all industries, both in the private and public sector, to improve managerial performance, in accordance with complex rules, reducing costs and increasing the value of their investment and achieving consistency in long-term and strategic goals.

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